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Bribing the Writer Within

A copyrighter, a blogger, an emailer, a screenwriter, an author, or anyone who puts intention behind words, is a writer. We are all writers. After all, it is the most basic form of communication behind speaking. So why is it so damn hard to sit down and just do it? Writing is one of the most alluring...
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Going From Ordinary to Extraordinary: 5 Stages of the Hero’s Journey

If you are reading this post, then you are most likely in the midst of a Hero's Journey. Joseph Campbell coined the phrase Hero's Journey, but Hollywood filmmakers and writers have known about this concept since the beginning of storytelling. The most classic depiction is Dorothy leaving home and entering the unknown in The Wizard...
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How I Got Published (And How You Can Too)

I am beyond the moon excited that my third book will release Fall 2015. I am so honored to be part of the Llewellyn Publishing tradition that set the standard in the mind/body/spirit genre dating back to 1901. Many of you have asked about my publishing path over the years. I usually respond vaguely by saying...
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