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How I Got Published (And How You Can Too)

I am beyond the moon excited that my third book will release Fall 2015. I am so honored to be part of the Llewellyn Publishing tradition that set the standard in the mind/body/spirit genre dating back to 1901. Many of you have asked about my publishing path over the years. I usually respond vaguely by saying...
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New Ebook! A Guide to Using Crystals in Spaces

Crystals in Spaces copyCrystals have been used for their healing properties for as long as history has been recorded and continue to be used by healers. Stones can be used on the body for protection, various healing purposes, relaxation, enhanced psychic abilities, or attracting certain energies.Crystals can...
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Being Happy in the Incomplete

What I most hear from clients when it comes to their home is feeling overwhelmed with where to begin. So many projects, so little time. So much clutter, not enough space. The feeling of overwhelment can stop us in our tracks faster than anything. I've been feeling a little of this myself. I am...

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