The Original Smudge Spray Space Clearing for Today

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The Original Smudge Spray®

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Sage Smudging Without the Smoke

All the benefits of space clearing without the smoke

Give The Perfect Housewarming Gift

Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? Or just want to treat yourself to something special. Add a book to the 4 oz Smudge Spray and get both for only $37.00.

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"I absolutely love this smudge spray! The fragrance is just beautiful! I own a spa and frequently use this to clear my space of negativity. It really works, and my clients love the smell!"

Medispa Owner

"Wonderful product for those who want to clear their work space or help others to clear their space and for areas that a smudge stick is not practical. It's very light natural fragrance is non-offensive and there are no added perfumes to irritate the scent sensitive."

Business Owner

"I'd been looking for a smudge spray for several years. Found it!! I spritz it into the air, and walk into the mist, and, if even only for that one moment, I feel whole again."

Amazon Customer